Sharing a bit of live music

Kenny Werner performed a concert here in Halifax this past summer during the Jazz Festival.
He told the audience  it is one of his older pieces, but he feels compelled to keep playing it until his vision of peace is achieved.
Peace – Kenny Werner Trio

Kenny, even if we do achieve peace, please keep playing this musical masterpiece in celebration. Your music helps my brain to feel at peace.


A little patience, a little respect.

Yesterday, I worked out some conflicts among 4th graders.
Some boys were destroying each others’ block structures while they shared a cramped work table, another boy had pushed a girl’s chair out of his way, while she was still sitting on it. She let out a yelp in surprise, He called her a diva.

To work out these conflicts, I had to hear the cases, ensure that these students would listen to each other’s complaints. I reminded them about respect, which is at the heart of this school’s conduct policy. I also reminded them to be patient with each other.

They responded well. They agreed to apologize and forgive, to move forward and go on in peace. It only took a few minutes.

I wish it was this easy for adults.
Blessed are the peacemakers.