Pro-Choice, Pro-Life, Pro-Peace

This post is a sci-fi short story sharing my vision of a future where a highly debated issue has been solved through innovation by people with vision and compassion.

NOTE: This story hints at sexual assault of a minor to make a point. People must realize how important it is to pursue a solution that allows us to solve the problem of unwanted pregnancy while ending the gruesome procedure of abortion.

My goal is to inspire readers to envision a more free and peaceful future.

Astrid, a twelve-year-old girl and her mother sit in the office of doctor Chapman, gynecologist.

“Astrid, the test confirms that  you are indeed pregnant. The father of the baby is indeed the man who drugged your lemonade and assaulted you. Nurses at the prison tested his DNA to confirm.” Doctor Champan says to Astrid in a serious tone.

Astrid bursts into sobs. “It wasn’t my fault. How will I deal with this? I can’t have a baby. I have to go to school, I want to become a Doctor.”

“You do not have to carry this baby or give birth. There is a better way. I want you to meet Mark and Liz, they are eager to have another baby. They volunteer with Infant Life Choice, a great charity that helps out with cases such as yours. Here they are on screen. Your mom agreed for you to meet them and talk.” Doctor Champan assures her

Liz spoke up, “This charity was founded by people who realized that in some cases, a mother and her baby are much better off if she does not carry to term. In the past, doctors would perform a procedure called an abortion. The life of the baby was ended and its body was removed. The government kept trying to stop abortions by sending police after doctors, it just made things more dangerous.”

Mark continued. “Since your family believes strongly in preserving life, but you are not ready to raise a baby, we would like for you to agree to let us adopt your baby.”

Astrid’s mom asks, “I thought you said Astrid would not have to carry to term?”

Dr. Chapman explains, “That is what I said. We can surgically remove the baby now, even at two weeks, then place the baby in Liz, who will experience pregnancy and birth. Liz has undergone a procedure to become a human incubator. This will be the second time she carries a baby.”

Astrid gives a sigh of relief. “I think this is the best choice,” her mother agreed.

“We think so as well,” said Dr. Chapman. “Someday, you may consider coming to train with me and do this type of surgery.”

“Mark, Liz, can you come tomorrow? We want to perform the surgery at nine in the morning.”

“9 am. See you then,” Mark said.

 Innovative and passionate people who can apply their resources unoppressed and without interference and are able to accomplish great things. The pursuit of liberty is worthwhile so that we can solve these difficult problems peacefully.

Blessed are the peacemakers.