Peaceful Vybz

Last year, I made a new friend. Justice was a High School senior when he asked me to attend the first ever paid concert he was playing. He is the drummer for a local Reggae Band called Stahmenah Vybz. This was in January 2015. I really enjoyed the show.

I got invited again last Saturday, Dec 19. This time, Justice is studying music at the local community college.  He is playing drums more confidently and growing as a person. I was encouraged to see it. It was nice to catch up with him and see how happy he is studying and performing music.

I got to meet L. Garreth Warren, the founder of this band. Besides performing and recording, he operates a martial arts studio. This man has a heart for young people and it shows through his work.

The band, now reformed, consists of Garreth on lead vocals, and his gang of Music Performance students:

Justice Sanford on drums
Liam Campbell on guitar and vocals
Liam MacDonald on Keys
Stephen Weston on Bass
JJ Kent on sax.

This band is very good. Each player is quite skilled and they play well together.
Most of all, the message of the music is one of love, kindness and peace. It really shows from the lyrics. This is A Helping Hand on video from Saturday December 19:

Helping Hand

Lend a helping hand everyone.
Lend a helping hand when you can.
In this war against sickness and poverty,
A lot can be change with some help from you and me.

Lend a helping hand everyone.
Lend a helping hand when you can.
In this war against poverty & sickness,
A lot can change if we show a little kindness.

I like music with a motivational message. The song above really appealed to me.

In the song below, Choices the message is educate yourself, or tolerate hard work. It is a Stay in School message.


My mother raised me to have two choices
Work my mind, or work my back!
Digging ditches, you’ll hear the voices,
Shovel’s the devil. No Mercy, no slack.”

This next particular song was inspired by the story of Rehtaeh Parsons, a teen who was raped while she was intoxicated while the perpetrators caught it on camera. The young men who raped her shared the video and people tormented Rehtaeh until she committed suicide.

This story moved Garreth’s heart and he composed the song Compassion:


Show some compassion. Show that you care!
Show some respect or you will get nowhere.
Show some desire, show you’ll be there
The love for one another will never disappear!

I have a photo of a mural that Rehtaeh and her friend painted at Sir Robert Borden Junior High. I hope we can remember her as more than a girl who got raped and committed suicide.

We have much to do to achieve a peaceful world. I wish to thank Garreth and Stahmenah Vybz for promoting a message of peace accompanied by great upbeat music for people dance along. I just found out they are recording right now. Check their website for album availability.

Garreth, I wish to thank you for the music and for using your talents to be a peacemaker and for the positive impact that your business has on the community.

Blessed are the Peacemakers.